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Recycling Week at InfraBuild

11 November 2022

It’s National Recycling Week and as the theme is ‘waste isn’t waste until it’s WASTED, we’re highlighting the critical role YOU can play in metal recycling.

Recycling scrap metal drives material circularity, reduces emissions, saves on natural resources and diverts scrap from landfill.

From your old appliances to scrap vehicles, your waste metal is used in InfraBuild’s vertically-integrated recycling and steel manufacturing process to produce nation building steel for Australia.

The journey of steel

Have you ever wondered what happens to your scrap metal after it arrives at our recycling facilities?

After shredding the scrap into smaller pieces for sorting, the scrap moves onto the next stage in its lifecycle.

At InfraBuild, we turn recycled scrap back into steel – ready to be used again. Make sure your scrap metal gets recycled and doesn’t end up in landfill.

Waste isn’t waste until it is wasted.

Find your nearest recycling centre.

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