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Rotational Placements

It's going to take innovation and investment for steelmaking to become carbon-neutral by 2030. That's why we're investing in people like you.

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How do the rotations work?

As part of the program’s exposure component, graduates will complete 2 x 12 months of rotations/placements, gaining accelerated exposure to various areas of InfraBuild’s operations. Rotating across the different areas within or across the divisions is designed to provide graduates with a diverse experience, building your understanding of how we recycle, manufacture, process and distribute sustainable steel.

Depending on your discipline or stream, each of your rotations/placements may include working in different teams within a business unit or division.

Where possible, you may be able to complete a different rotation/placement in a different location to your home office/site.

Rotation 1

This rotation aims to solidify your foundational knowledge and skills in the specific discipline you've chosen. Expect to work closely with experienced professionals across various areas of the assigned business unit, gaining insights into the daily challenges and innovations that drive our sustainable practices.

Rotation 2

This rotation is designed to expand your skill set and provide exposure to areas beyond your initial focus, offering a well-rounded and holistic view of InfraBuild's operations. Embrace the opportunity to work collaboratively with experienced professionals from various disciplines, fostering a cross-functional perspective that sets the stage for your future success.

Throughout both rotations, you'll not only contribute meaningfully to our operations but also shape your career trajectory based on a comprehensive understanding of our industry. The flexibility to explore different locations adds an extra dimension to your experience, enhancing your adaptability and cultural awareness.

Rotational placements are coordinated by the Organisational Development/Pipelines team in consultation with business unit leaders. Wherever possible, placements are based on organisational needs for specific qualifications, locations and/or functional areas.

Please note

While we are dedicated to providing comprehensive rotations across various businesses, functions, and operations, we acknowledge that graduates based in regional locations with limited nearby sites may face unique challenges in achieving physical rotations. In such instances, we are committed to exploring alternative arrangements, including the possibility of rotations to other sites interstate. Our goal is to ensure that all graduates, regardless of their location, receive a diverse and enriching experience within the scope of our operational constraints.

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