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A hat-trick for GFC Industries

27 November 2017

Fabricator GFC Industries has been well established for many years as a major player in large commercial and infrastructure projects.

GFC Industries has been steadily growing its reputation as a leading fabricator for multi-storey office towers and has been successful in securing a number of significant projects over recent months. GFC’s wins include the landmark office tower located on 80 Collins St., Melbourne; a new commercial tower in the same city on 271 Spring St.; and the steel components for the re-development of Parramatta Square in NSW.

The key to this success is GFC’s unique approach to early engagement with their clients. They then use this information to improve the design, overcome engineering challenges, standardise sections, reduce onsite welding, maximise usage of cranes, and ultimately deliver the quickest construction solution. This approach sets them apart from those fabricators who work to a cheapest possible fabrication path solution.

InfraBuild Steel Centre (formerly LIBERTY OneSteel Metalcentre) has steadily positioned the business to become GFC’s preferred structural steel supplier. The approach, while simple, has been very effective due to the positive, multi-tiered relationship with those from GFC, who are closely involved with the projects.

With the relationship foundation in place, we endeavour to mitigate both time and cost risks to GFC through flexible project offers, supply certainty and access to reliable and market best processing capabilities.

This successful partnership has resulted in securing three multi-story commercial towers that are currently underway with InfraBuild Steel Centre supplying the majority of product for each project.

80 Collins St

80 Collins Street

A new 44-storey landmark office tower is being developed on a narrow site on Collins St., after the developer QIC secured Macquarie as the anchor tenant.

The challenging site footprint, with very close proximity to existing buildings, plus a unique cantilevering design with significant floor area projecting over heritage street levels, allowed structural steel to be specified as the preferred construction method.

InfraBuild Steel Centre has successfully secured the supply contract for Hot Rolled Structurals and Welded Structurals with GFC Industries, with the supply of steel commencing in September. The project is expected to be completed by October 2018.

271 Spring St

271 Spring Street

The site on 271 Spring St. will be a medium-sized commercial tower of 16 stories. The site has a significant historic overlay due to heritage buildings. Accordingly, a cantilevering design to maximise commercial floor space on the remainder of the site was required, with structural steel the superior construction option.

With an anchor tenant signed, GFC Industries and InfraBuild Steel Centre have secured the fabrication and steel supply contracts with the supply of steel commencing October 2017.

Parramatta Square

Parramatta Square

A huge transformational project in Parramatta is underway, resulting in three towers of mixed residential and commercial use.

While primarily designed as reinforced concrete buildings, there are three substantial jump-form sections in the project which will utilise welded and Hot Rolled Structural steel sections.

GFC Industries were again successful in securing the fabrication contract and will call up the steel in three large sections fromInfraBuild Steel Centre.

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