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Community the key as InfraBuild and Aruma join forces on projects

25 July 2022

InfraBuild’s Sydney Steel Mill has teamed up with local disability support provider Aruma on a landscaping project at its Rooty Hill site, which has seen 60 native Cumberland Plains trees planted in the nearby grounds.

As part of the project, the Aruma team recently completed the planting works and will now manage the ongoing maintenance of the trees going forward.

Aruma’s businesses, which hire 500 people with a disability across the country, provide a range of services including facility services, medical packs and forensics supplies, commercial laundry and manufacturing.

Aruma Supported Employee Lucas Hendry really enjoyed working on this project.

“I enjoy getting a chance to be part of the gardening/landscape industry, working with great team members and being able to work in the west and south-west areas of Sydney,” Mr Hendry said.

“It was interesting to have Infrabuild employees give positive comments on the work we were doing on site and also have them thank us.”

InfraBuild’s Engineering and Site Infrastructure Superintendent at Rooty Hill, Stewart Gardner, said the success of the project could be attributed to the hard work of Lucas and his co-workers.

“Aruma does great work providing opportunities for people with a disability to work across a range of projects and this project is a great example of the outstanding ongoing services their team provides,”

InfraBuild’s EGM of Manufacturing Shane Murphy said the company was proud to be working with an organisation like Aruma, which shares community-minded values.

“InfraBuild’s mission is to build futures through sustainable steel. This extends beyond our core businesses of recycling, manufacturing and distributing sustainable steel, and into our role as an employer of local people and our support of hundreds of Australian communities,” Mr Murphy said.

“We look forward to working with Aruma on more projects in the future.”

For people with a disability who are not able to work without support, Australian Disability Enterprises such as Aruma offer what’s called Supported Employment. Visit aruma.com.au/disability-services/supported-employment/ for more information.

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