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InfraBuild supports Queensland’s biggest infrastructure project – Cross River Rail

27 June 2022

InfraBuild is taking a full-service approach to support Queensland’s biggest infrastructure project, Cross River Rail.

Cross River Rail will deliver a new 10.2-kilometre rail line from Dutton Park to Bowen Hills, including 5.9 kilometres of twin tunnels under the Brisbane River and CBD.

Cross River Rail supports urban renewal and brings economic benefits to the growing population in South East Queensland.

InfraBuild’s 3D modelling solution provides a critical blueprint for the construction of Cross River Rail’s twin tunnels. It provides detailed analysis of how the processed reinforcing bars fit together. Additionally, it provides built-in product information on every element for reference by Project Engineers and site personnel.

“We provide a full service – our 3D modelling helps facilitate the design of every bar, maps how they will fit in together, as well as displays the dimensional data of each bar and accessory,” says Scott Petersen, Detailing Lead within InfraBuild’s Reinforcing team.

“This is crucial in providing assurances to customers that they are receiving the InfraBuild products that meet their project requirements.”

“In line with our value of sustainability, it also means there is less risk of wastage due to errors – because who else knows our product better than us,” says Scott.

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