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Shaping the reinforcing revolution

27 July 2021

When asked to reflect on what fosters innovation, InfraBuild Reinforcing’s National Innovation Manager, Rob Rizzo may surprise you with the answer.

“I remain inquisitive and am always asking “why?”, Rizzo said.

“When I started 12 years ago, I knew nothing about reinforcing or steel manufacturing, but this simple question has expanded my knowledge as most within our business are eager to share their experience and insights.”

Rizzo identifies this collaborative nature as fundamental not only to InfraBuild’s success but to the ongoing evolution of reinforcing and the construction industry. Modern Australia’s nation-building, , has redefined the scale of construction: our civil projects have never been larger and the architectural designs never grander. InfraBuild has met these complexities through innovation and collaboration.

“I’m constantly surprised by the innovative ideas and actions our employees take to deliver for our customers,” Rizzo said.

“Innovation in construction is historically stagnant but recently, I would say the willingness for our customers to engage with us on solutions is one of the biggest developments I have seen.

“There are a variety of Prefab projects which have pushed the boundaries of what was previously considered the limit of our capability and these have been very rewarding projects, such as Level Crossing Removal projects in Victoria.”

It is from the precise modelling InfraBuild developed for this class of complex prefabrication that InfraBuild’s latest reinforcing innovation grew roots. 5D Detailing, which builds on 3D Models by providing time and cost insights to the customer, is seen by Rizzo as the next step in InfraBuild’s continuous journey to support customer needs and deliver mega projects.

“There have also been many rewarding moments in implementing 3D Detailing: the first time we sold this service to the Mernda Rail Project in Victoria we learned the value customers place on the service.

“When we provide our customers unique insights gained through Detailing we differentiate our business, and; when we share these insights internally we build confidence in selling our exceptional capability.”

This innovation itself can spawn more opportunities for growth.

“Once we have created a virtual copy of the reinforcement in a 3D model (a “digital twin”), this info can be used in many ways,” Rizzo said, giving examples of virtual reality tie ins, shop models, and enhanced traceability,

“Ultimately, our systems will integrate into a common platform with Engineers and Constructors to reduce repetitive and redundant information while streamlining processes.”

Enquire about InfraBuild’s 5D Detailing service here.

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