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Ancon® Lockable Dowel


Ancon® Lockable Dowel

InfraBuild Reinforcing supplies Ancon® Lockable Dowels, which are designed for use in temporary movement joints. They allow initial shrinkage of the concrete to take place and are then locked in position, by mechanical and chemical means, to prevent further movement taking place.

Ancon® Lockable Dowels eliminate the need for complicated formwork and are ideal for slab-to-slab and slab-to-wall connections in a variety of steel reinforcement applications.

Ancon® lockable dowels from InfraBuild Reinforcing are available as:

  • ESDQL20 for Slab-to-Slab applications
  • HLDQL30 for Slab-to-Slab applications with high loads
  • ESDQL20W  for Slab-to-Wall applications.

The complete dowel set comprises the dowel itself, the sleeve including the lid, the locking plate, and a 2-part epoxy resin.

Typical uses

  • Slab-to-slab
  • Slab-to-wall
  • Temporary movement joints


  • Designed for use at temporary movement joints
  • Allows initial shrinkage of concrete to take place and is then locked in position with a mechanical plate and epoxy resin
  • Locked dowel continues to transfer shear but prevents further movement taking place
  • Eliminates the need for complicated formwork
  • Replaces the use of one-metre ‘pour strips’ or closure strips in post-tension concrete frames

To find out more about the Ancon Lockable Dowel stocked at your local InfraBuild Reinforcing please contact your nearest branch.

Product Code Size (mm) Sleeve Size (mm) Application
ESDQL20 435 x 30 240 x 170 Slab to Slab
HLDQL30 475 x 30 280 x 170 Slab to Slab High Load
ESDQL20W 270 x 30 240 x 170 Slab to Wall