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Metro Tunnel celebrates major milestones

26 February 2020

Melbourne’s Metro Tunnel has marked five years since work began on one of the city’s most transformative projects. 

Melbourne’s Metro Tunnel Project has just celebrated reaching two major milestones.

Late February marked five years since work began on the project, during which time two 9km tunnels have been bored under the city and work has taken place on five new underground stations. 

The milestone was followed by news that Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) Joan has completed the journey from Arden Station to the tunnel’s western entrance in Kensington after an 18-month boring operation.

Both InfraBuild Construction Solutions and InfraBuild Steel Centre have been major suppliers of reinforcing and structural steel to the project respectively. 

InfraBuild Construction Solutions has supplied approximately 22,500 tonnes of piling cages and diaphragm wall cages to the project, while InfraBuild Steel Centre has supplied high-grade welded beams for the construction of William Street Bridge above the future eastern entrance of the tunnel.

Image courtesy Metro Tunnel

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