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Our Newcastle Distribution Centre makes exciting move

13 March 2024

Our Newcastle Distribution Centre (NDC) has officially made the move from one part of the Newcastle Mayfield site to a new position, at the heart of the site’s operations.  

The NDC is now up and running from its new warehouse – with the move marking a significant milestone for InfraBuild as we continue to better utilise the space at the Mayfield site. 

With this strategic relocation, we’ll be better positioned than ever to serve our customers. 

Relocating the NDC and bringing the mesh plant to Mayfield has been a creative solution to space constraints experienced on other InfraBuild sites and will streamline the movement of product across the production chain. The NDC team has offered invaluable input throughout the design and construction phases. 

Demolition commenced on the old NDC warehouse prior to Christmas with progress moving rapidly towards the construction phase. The first machine in the new Mesh plant will be operational by the start of 2025. 

Stay tuned for more updates on the new Mesh plant as it begins to take shape with the dramatic transformation of the old NDC Warehouse at Mayfield. 

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