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Farewell from Vik Bansal

27 September 2022

Dear customers, stakeholders and supporters of InfraBuild,

As you may know, I’m soon to finish my time leading this great business, and I wanted to thank you all for your ongoing support and patronage of InfraBuild.

InfraBuild has been here for 100 years and will be here for 100 more – it is a resilient and long-term sustainable manufacturing business, fundamental to progress and a modern Australia.

We have helped to build and shape this great country, and as heavy industry, we do so in a sustainable way. We recycle and process scrap metal and turn that into new steel for large-scale infrastructure and the broader market, through our electric arc furnaces and vertically-integrated business. That’s less scrap metal going into landfill and a stronger circular economy within Australia as a result. The plans and initiatives in the pipeline to take this even further, lower the carbon footprint and make steel that’s even more sustainable are promising.

Our people have worked together as one team to strengthen our brand and operating cadence, and have worked purposefully each day to bring to life our Good to Great strategy. This is evident through InfraBuild’s performance and safety uplift recorded through FY22 and now, extending into FY23.

The InfraBuild team is committed to continuous improvement and a relentless focus on delivering solutions and products that meet your needs. This is part of the DNA of the business, which is in the very capable hands of an experienced and hard-working executive team, to be led by InfraBuild Board Member Dak Patel, who is stepping in as interim CEO while recruitment activities are being finalised.

It’s been an honour and privilege to be CEO and Managing Director. I will always continue to cheer for InfraBuild and its people through my ongoing association as an adviser to the InfraBuild Board.

Thank you once again for your continued support.

Stay safe,


Vik Bansal
CEO and Managing Director InfraBuild

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