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Francisco: Our focus areas for 2024

19 February 2024

With the year already underway, I wanted to share with you the priorities that InfraBuild will be focusing on throughout the year, ensuring we are delivering great products and service to our customers.

First and foremost is our people and our discipline around safety. At InfraBuild, we have been continually improving our safety performance. It gives all of us immense pride to be recognised for our safety culture. 

This month, at the inaugural Steel Sustainability Awards presented by the Australian Steel Institute, InfraBuild was awarded winner of the Company Sustainability Initiative for our Road to Sustainability through Good Health and Safety initiative. We are very thankful our efforts on safety culture are being recognised, and this award is a testament to unwavering focus our people put on safety every day. 

This year we will also be advancing our sustainability agenda in two areas. The sustainability of our business ensuring we doing what we can to be Carbon Neutral by 2030. 

In conjunction with this, we will also be delivering new sustainable products that are made from recycled scrap, have less raw materials in the product, yet have the same strength as the comparable product. 

Finally, we will continue driving innovation in our business so we are delivering not just the best products, but also the best customer experience and service. 

To kick off the year, I recorded a video giving an overview of these focus areas for the year and I invite you to have a look.

Stay safe,

Francisco Irazusta 
CEO, InfraBuild

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