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Here at InfraBuild, we’re celebrating Australian Made Week

20 May 2024

It’s Australian Made Week!

At InfraBuild, we’re committed to supporting local industry and manufacturing.

Join us in supporting Australian-made products and the communities that produce them and check out the Australian Made website here.

Look for the iconic Australian Made symbol on our product tags, ensuring full traceability and compliance.

Walk down the street and you’ll encounter merchant bar product (mebar) in almost everything you see, from infrastructure, commercial and residential construction, to a variety of items fabricated locally.

At InfraBuild we manufacture a comprehensive range of mebar in Australia. Our mebar products are used across the construction, mining, transportation, manufacturing and agricultural sectors. Our mebar meets the Australian Standards and comes with Environmental Product Declarations which offer transparency around the lifecycle impact of our products.

Join us this week in supporting Australian made excellence.

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