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InfraBuild Recycling Minto – 30 years strong!

25 June 2021

At InfraBuild this year we’re proudly celebrating 30 successful years of recycling at Minto.

Brothers Greg (a former NSW rugby league representative against Great Britain in 1979) and Craig Cook started the recycling business in Minto from humble beginnings in 1990. The brothers saw an opportunity to expand their scrap metal business into the greater Sydney region in 1990, calling it Allmac Metals – “All MACarthur areas”.

Greg Cook, who leads InfraBuild Recycling’s NSW Trading team said, “we are still trading strong and are one of the industry leaders providing exceptional scrap metal services in the region”.

Greg has been in the scrap metal industry for 45 years. “That experience is invaluable in our industry”, said InfraBuild Recycling’s General Manager Chris Morgan. “Minto is an important part of our feeder yard network, and provides great access to the public, tradies and commercial businesses to recycle their metals in South West Sydney and the Illawarra”.

“We’ve been in the area for over 30 years and intend to be here for much longer as the favoured scrap metal service provider to generators of scrap metals,” he said.

InfraBuild Recycling Minto has employed locals for many years and contributes significantly to the local community and economy.

As Greg explained “being part of the community is the key to a strong business, the support we have relied upon has come from the locals.”

While paying the best price is important, providing the best access, better service and unique solutions is more important in the bigger scheme. Some of our original customers [suppliers of scrap metal] are still coming in today. We have had a lot of fun and developed great friendships with our customers over the years,” Greg said.

The experience of the operators and our trading team sets the business apart from others, truly offering industry best metal recycling solutions to all

Chris Morgan, General Manager, InfraBuild Recycling

The market and industry leader

InfraBuild Recycling is an industry leader for both ferrous scrap (steel) and nonferrous metals such as copper, aluminium, brass, batteries, stainless steel, electric motors and any metal products. Handling over 1.4 million tonnes of scrap metals per annum positions the business as one of the market leaders.

“The experience of the operators and our trading team sets the business apart from others, truly offering industry best metal recycling solutions to all,” Chris Morgan explained.

The Minto InfraBuild Recycling site offers services to the public, householders, industrial businesses and other scrap metal dealers. As part of a leading national recycling network, this not only offers the advantage of competitive pricing on all metals but contributes to overall service capabilities on a national accounts level.

InfraBuild Recycling is part of an integrated supply chain, operating a scrap metal division as well as electric arc furnaces (EAF) in Sydney and Laverton, along with rod, bar, wire and rolling production mills in Laverton, Geelong, Sydney, and Newcastle.

Coupled with a national distribution network which encompasses Steel Centres, Construction Solutions and the Australian Reinforcing Company ARC, the InfraBuild business provides services from end of life through to recycling and distribution of steel products.

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