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International Women’s Day 2023

8 March 2023

International Women’s Day is celebrated across the globe on 8 March and is where we look to highlight the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of the women in all our lives.

This year’s theme is #EmbraceEquity.

At InfraBuild, we value and celebrate what makes us different. Our value of respect is the foundation of how we work together.

We are celebrating by introducing some of the remarkable women who play an important role in our team.

For both International Women’s Day and beyond, let’s all #EmbraceEquity.

Meet Emma Mellows – Site Services Contract Controller – InfraBuild Wire

What does #EmbraceEquity mean to you?

Including everyone for their unique personal traits. Developing motivated, capable women in their professional roles, in their understanding of business operations and strategies and/or in their leadership abilities, so they have the opportunity to progress, prosper and contribute at all levels of our operations and diversify our teams.

What are your hopes for the next generation of females entering our industry?

Know you can maintain your feminine traits in the workplace and still be a respected, solid worker, a thoughtful contributor and a leader at all levels of trade and corporate ladders. Don’t feel pressure to be or act hardened and masculine to excel in industry. Diversity is an asset – be yourself.

What are you passionate about as we push for progress in this space?

Outside of work, I actively mentor young people, including young women, encouraging and supporting them to follow paths leading to technical roles describing industry as an exciting, stimulating, versatile and satisfying career option. Not long ago, my 7 year old son was shocked to hear that men were electricians too, because his mum was one. His view was that it was entirely normal for women to be in trades – I’d love to see that level of acceptance normalised more broadly.

What do you enjoy about working at InfraBuild?

I am so happy to be part of a site that has such a rich history. I work out of Newcastle and everyone in our city has a story or memory about our business and I love hearing about this. This business has shaped and employed the City of Newcastle for over 100 years while managing to stay current and relevant. InfraBuild Wire – Newcastle has warmly and openly adapted to integrate and celebrate the diversity women bring into the workforce. I’ve worked in a variety of heavy industries in my time (coal, power supply and steel) and I have never felt more accepted and encouraged than I do here. The culture in our business is second to none. I am such a WRIB proud employee.

Meet Gina Marchetti – Project Manager – Project Management Office

What does #EmbraceEquity mean to you?

 I think it’s important that we all strive to treat everyone equally regardless of gender, race or religion – these characteristics should not mean that individuals are less worthy in our society because they don’t fit what we may historically think is “the norm”. I’m actually not sure who made the definition of normal… there really isn’t one. An equitable world is where everyone is treated the same, has the same opportunities and right to voice their opinions and beliefs without prejudice. It may sound aspirational but we can change this as individuals in the way we interact with people every day – the example we set for other people to see, our friends, family and importantly our children.

What are your hopes for the next generation of females entering our industry?

I have had a 35-year career in steel. I never imagined that I would enter the steel industry let alone stay this long. I didn’t first realise the opportunities the industry brings. My hope is that we encourage and have systemic ways of encouraging younger females to take on roles in industries that have historically been thought of as ‘non-glamourous’;. The next decade is a very exciting time to be in the steel industry, particularly given our aspirations around renewables and energy targets, and the need for us to think in a different way as to how we move forward in a very different landscape to what we have previously worked in. Allowing flexibility to allow people – male and female – to make choices about work life balance is also something I hope the next generation of women can champion and lead – reforms in this area are key.

Wow an impressive career – any highlights?

There have been plenty of highlights over the years, but what stands out is the tenacity and reliance of people when times are tough – its hard work but enormously rewarding – seeing other people achieve is what gets me out of bed in the morning.

What are you passionate about as we push for progress in this space?

It’s a balancing act but we need to ensure that we don’t divide our organisation (and more broadly society) by only focusing on women, although it is a logical place to start. Having a real commitment to Diversity & Inclusion, underpinned by a policy on how we will behave and what we will deliver will be key in showing our commitment to Diversity & Inclusion to both our existing and future employees. There will be a natural progression but to keep the dial turning we need to step up to the plate with more intent. I’m not a fan of quotas, but Diversity & Inclusion is something we all have a role to play in. It’s not just a gender problem, but also a societal and business problem.

Meet Georgie Seaton – Project Planner – ARC

What does #EmbraceEquity mean to you?

Embracing Equity to me is being part of a workplace where you have no doubt that you have the same opportunities as others, regardless of gender or race. But to ensure that is happening there is a personal responsibility to call out bias and challenge things that don’t sit right with you, rather than waiting for somebody else to pave the way for you.

What are your hopes for the next generation of females entering our industry?

I hope that anyone – regardless of their gender – entering our industry isn’t afraid to create opportunities for themselves and go for the roles and responsibilities they know they would excel at, regardless of any preconceived ideas others may have.

What do you enjoy about working at InfraBuild?

The company for me has provided so much opportunity. I’m grateful to be a part of a place that allows growth and rewards initiative! From operators to branch managers there are so many incredible women to learn from.

Meet Ebony Woolgar-Robe –  Administration Trainee, Human Resources Shared Services

What does #EmbraceEquity mean to you?

#EmbraceEquity is important to me, I have always believed that everybody should be treated equally, and that we should embrace our differences so we can learn and grow. I don’t believe there should be barriers for succuss or opportunities, especially being a young female joining the workforce.

How did you first come to InfraBuild? What has been the most exciting part since you have joined?

My twin sister commenced her employment here in March of 2022. I had been actively looking for a job that would kick-off my career so joined the business via a Traineeship at the end of 2022.

Being able to study my Certificate IV in Human Resource Management while gaining real life experience in the workforce has been extremely beneficial, especially cutting out the traditional university experience that doesn’t provide on-the-job experience before entering the workforce.

This pathway I found more appealing for me and my learning style. I am being mentored throughout the entirety of my Traineeship by some truly inspiring colleagues, and being in such a big business, am being exposed to all aspects of the human resources function, rather than just one pocket.

What do you enjoy about working at InfraBuild?

I am proud to work in a team of professionals in an organisation that values their employees and a sustainable future. We’re forever changing and adapting to new processes and ways to improve which I hold at high value.

Meet Hayley Crichton – Trading Executive, Recycling   

That does #EmbraceEquity mean to you?

That without bias, we’re given the tools and opportunities to drive our own success.

What are your hopes for the next generation of females entering our industry?

That we don’t need campaigns to highlight the need for equity and equality, that it’s normalised and demonstrated day to day. 

What are you passionate about as we push for progress in this space?

That we as an organisation continue to build an inclusive workplace without gender bias, without prejudice and one where everyone feels that their voice is heard and their contributions valued.

What do you enjoy about working at InfraBuild?

 I’m proud to be part of a business that is continually evolving and driving change to be supportive and representative of all.

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