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Recycling Stars of Chipping Norton

9 November 2022

InfraBuild Recycling’s Chipping Norton site is a one-stop shop for householders, industrial businesses and other scrap metal dealers to recycle and trade ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals.

It is one of 26 InfraBuild Recycling sites nationally, which form part of InfraBuild’s vertically-integrated business, which also includes manufacturing and distribution and processing operations.  

As the nation celebrates National Recycling Week this week, we took some time to meet the stars of Chipping Norton who assist in the day to day running of the site.

L-R: Ignatius Brun, Connah Stanley, James Pirie and Pania Rai

Ignatius Brun is the InfraBuild Recycling go-to metal expert. As an Industrial Chemist there isn’t a metal Ignatius can’t identify.

He plays an important role in the business as a Trading Executive, which sees him buying and selling scrap domestically and internationally.

He also oversaw the development of The InfraBuild Recycling Quality Manual, which is a key tool in the training of staff in accurately identifying and grading metals.

Connah Stanley is the Non-Ferrous Team Leader at InfraBuild Recycling Chipping Norton.

A typical day for Connah involves purchasing and leading a team to process over 100 tonnes of Non-Ferrous products a day. Non- Ferrous scrap metal come in different shapes and forms such as extruded off cuts from industries, aluminium cans, copper heat exchangers, copper fittings and copper cables to names a few.

He plays an integral role in ensuring that the material is bought correctly so that the quality is met as per our customers’ expectation. This material is then exported to our vast customer base spanned across the world.

When there is a broken scrap handler, excavator or forklift, James Pirie is the man for the job. Having started as a Trade Assistant, he completed his trade qualification in fabrication engineering whilst working with InfraBuild and after 10 years with the business is now the Leading Hand in the Maintenance Team.

He plays an important role in making sure all of the site’s machinery is maintained and operational so the team can keep the business rolling.

Meet Pania Rai, a skid-steer loader operator, has been with InfraBuild for 3 years. Pania was introduced to the business by her husband who also works in the business as well as two her of her sons; making it a real family affair!

Pania’s key responsibilities involve filling up between 4-6 large shipping containers with non-ferrous loose materials and turnings, which then get shipped internationally.

As you can see, it takes many different people with many different skills to take your recycled appliances and vehicles and turn them into scrap metals which will continue to play an important role in the circular economy for years to come.

InfraBuild Recycling Chipping Norton in NSW is open for all ferrous and non-ferrous metal drop-offs from Mon to Fri 7am to 4pm.

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