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Updated Environmental Product Declarations

7 October 2020

Recognising the increasing demand for transparent and verified sustainability information, we are proud to publish six updated EPDs with the sustainability credentials of our various steel products.

Our EPDs cover a range of Australian made steel products, manufactured, processed and distributed by InfraBuild, Liberty Primary Steel and ARC,  who together form part of the GFG Alliance in Australia. This includes hot rolled structural steel sections, merchant bar products, rail and sleeper sections, reinforcing rod, bar and wire and reinforcing bar and mesh products.  Each EPD is independently verified, developed in accordance with ISO 14025 and EN 15804 and published by EPD Australasia.

Working in conjunction with thinkstep-anz and independently verified by start2see, these updated EPDs play a major role in the overall approach taken by the business through the environmentally sustainable manufacture and application of our products, as well as delivering value to customers and industry more broadly. Each EPD has been updated in line with the required 5-year validity, including hotspot data covering 95% of all impacts.

Alongside our sustainable manufacturing practices, technical product and application expertise, EPDs are another way we are here to deliver value to our customers and the construction industry.

InfraBuild’s suite of EPDs include:

Benefits of using our EPDs and InfraBuild products

  • Provide an independently verified representation of the environmental impact of the InfraBuild product going into your project throughout their lifecycle.
  • Complies with the requirements of a valid EPD that is recognised in the Green Star Design & As Built v1.3 and Innovation Challenge of Green Star legacy tools by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA).
  • Comply with the requirements of IS® rating tool by the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA).

EPDs are not always comparable

When comparing EPDs it is important to recognise:

  • EPDs within the same product category from different programmes may not be comparable
  • EPDs of construction products may not be comparable if they do not comply with EN 15804 or if they are produced using different Product Category Rules
  • EPDs of construction products from a group of manufacturers may not be comparable to an EPD of a similar construction product that has been generated by a single manufacturer.

Understanding the detail is important in comparison. Expert analysis is required to ensure data is truly comparable to avoid unintended distortions.

A major key benefit of the new EPDs is the inclusion of Material Circularity Indicator (MCI) metrics. The MCI metrics are provided for all steel products covered in the EPDs, providing vital information as we shift to a more circular production model.

At InfraBuild, sustainability is at the forefront

As part of the GFG Alliance, InfraBuild is committed to creating a more sustainable future for industry and society. The EPDs are one part of this commitment. InfraBuild’s continued development of innovative practices is underpinned by GFG Alliances’ GREENSTEEL strategy which promotes greater use of recycled materials, increased use of renewable energy and operation of facilities close to key markets.

GFG Alliance has established the CN30 programme, which builds on the GREENSTEEL (and GREENALUMINIUM) strategies, with the ambition to become the first carbon neutral industrial group in the world by 2030. The programme involves implementing investments in new infrastructure, renewable energy and new technologies.

InfraBuild is proud to be part of the GFG Alliance’s work towards building a secure and sustainable long-term future for the domestic steel industry, local manufacturing and communities.

We strive to improve our social license to operate across social, economic and environmental arenas while upholding our core values of Family, Change and Sustainability.

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