InfraBuild Recycling is a key player and industry leader in the metal recycling business.

As part of InfraBuild’s integrated local supply chain, our Recycling business contributes around 1.4 million tonnes of recycled metals annually into our steelmaking operations. We are an industry leader in the supply of processed ferrous scrap (steel) products to our domestic steel mills in Sydney and Melbourne. We also have an extensive non-ferrous business that supplies both domestic and international markets with high quality products for recycling.

With 21 InfraBuild branded recycling facilities around Australia and 5 Matthews Metal Management sites located in regional NSW, our national footprint provides metal recycling solutions to a broad range of scrap metal generators such as householders, local government, mining, demolition, industrials, automotive recyclers, waste companies. We also have a large scrap metal dealer and transport network that we partner with to provide local recycling solutions across the country.

At the fore front of our business is the provision of safe, efficient, transparent and environmentally friendly solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

Contact us to find out how we can be part of your metal recycling solution. 

Capabilities Statement

You can be confident that InfraBuild Recycling can provide the range, quality and service support you need through:

  • National foot print
  • Provides individual solutions seeking environmental outcomes
  • Competitive pricing
  • Supplying domestic and international markets
  • Vertically integrated supply chain
  • Industries most experienced trading team
  • Employ operational experts
  • Transparent weighing technology (photographs of each item weighed available)


InfraBuild Recycling is committed to pursuing a high standard of environmental management throughout its operations and strives for continual improvement in environmental performance. As required by the NSW government, InfraBuild provides the results of environmental monitoring and Pollution Incident Response Management Plans for InfraBuild Recycling Hexham.

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Stronger for the future
Partnering With Soldier On
Looking for alternate sourcing opportunities to fill vacant roles within the InfraBuild Recycling business has led to a partnership with Solider On, a not for profit organisation.

3 mins 25 May 2021

We buy your scrap metal. InfraBuild Recycling collects copper, aluminium, brass, stainless steel, batteries and old cars. Our local scrap metal yard processes steel for use in the steel industry. InfraBuild Recycling metal recycling services include: Site Clean Ups, Drop Offs, Farm & Property Clean Ups, Household Collections, Bin Services and more.